What will I get? 
You will receive a high-res RGB JPEG file, sent via email. But, I will be happy to provide you with a CMYK version upon request for printing purposes if you choose to print the artwork for your personal use. There will be no additional charges for the CMYK file.

Do you ship and provide prints?
No, I am currently not doing prints or any kind of mail delivery because I am based in Asia and a majority of my clientele are from North America or Europe so, the risk of the mail getting lost and dealing with postage is not something I can commit myself to at the moment.

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How long does it take for you to complete my commission? 
I usually take around 3-5 days for me to complete and to send your piece after the payment is made. I am usually working on a few artworks at the same time, so I work in order of which commissions I receive first. But, I never take longer than a week to deliver your artwork. 

However, if your project has more than one artwork and/or requires a little more complexity, it would take up to 7 days or more (*depending on the project).

I’d like a commission done ASAP! How soon can you complete it?
If you are pressed for time and have to make it at a certain date, I will be happy to accommodate and try to see if my schedule would allow me to bump you a few slots ahead :) Just notify me and I will do my best.

What are your payment methods?
Currently, I am only accepting payment via PayPal as it is the quickest, safest and most convenient way. The commissions will be charged in USD and clients will bare the PayPal transaction fee (*PayPal fee varies depending on the amount paid but it usually is never more than just a couple of bucks).

If you are from a country with a different currency, PayPal will be able to make the conversion rate for you when you make your payment.

But, I don’t have PayPal. How do I pay?
No worries! I can send you an invoice via PayPal and you will have the option to pay with your credit card or your banking account.

Your prices are shown in USD. But, I am not from the U.S. How do I go about with the conversion rate with the currency that I am using?
Don't worry. Just enter your grand total and PayPal will make the conversion rate for you when you make your payment.

What is a PayPal transaction fee and why do I have to pay for it?
PayPal transaction fee acts just like any other transfer fee that ordinary banks have when you make any interbank money transfers. If you don't include the transfer fee, PayPal will automatically deduct the fee from your grand total, which means your payment is now insufficient. Unfortunately, when that happens, you would have to top up and make a second payment for the balance that you owe. So, please bare in mind to include the fee or else PayPal would be taking both your money and mine - twice! We wouldn't want that!

I received my commission piece but I don’t like it. I want a refund.
Unfortunately, there are no refunds for smaller commission pieces once you received them as most of it is pretty straightforward. However, if you have a larger scale project (more than X amount or cost over $100), there is a standard design procedure where a downpayment is required before I start on your project and a second (or third) payment right before I send it to you.

I received my commission piece and understand that there are no refunds. But, I'd like to make some amendments. Is that okay?
There will NOT be any free amendments after the product has been delivered. However, if you'd really like something changed, there will be a revision fee. The revision fee is charged by the amount of revisions that you'd like made. For example, if you've paid, received your new portrait and still do not like it and want a second revision, you'd be charge for another revision. One way to avoid paying too many revisions fees is to provide specific details on what you'd like tweaked so that we can both save some time and money for both you and I :) 

* Prices may subject to change without prior notice.

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Can I use these commission pieces on my social media?
It depends! YES if you are using them as your profile pic, cover photo on facebook or just straight flexing on the gram. You can even print them on personal holiday cards, save the dates, and wedding invitations as well.

NO if you are planning to make any profit out of my commissioned pieces (printing them on CD covers, packaging for products, postcards for sale, flyers for businesses and things of that nature).

Thanks for considering! (*p/s: feel free to credit me if you'd like! It really helps me get more future clients!)

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